Spiritual Principles & Ethics

DAWN RICCI as a graduate of the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD), and is an active Certified Spiritual Advisor; Psychic, Medium, and Healer, Certified Psychic Forensics Investigator, DAWN RICCI and DAWN RICCI LLC attests to the following Ethical Rules and Principles as stated by LWISSD.

DAWN M RICCI AND THE MEMBERS OF DAWN RICCI LLC believe that there is a GOD, but this god doesn’t have to be the Spirit that is spoken of within religious texts. It’s the God within ourselves. It’s the Divine force that we can manifest with ourselves. We believe that everyone has the right to make their own decisions and to be free from the restraint of others’ views. We believe that life is for the living and when the lessons that are presented are challenges, if we surrender to the challenge and allow ourselves to be guided, then we will be shown the way. We believe that things happen for a reason that reason may not be present at the time of the given incident, but it will be a lesson that we must face and grow from. We believe that we live life to the fullest with no regrets, only memories that will help us change. We believe that life is eternal and that everything is possible. We do not know everything, and we believe that we are continuously learning on this journey through life and the afterlife. We believe that all must have personal responsibility, and all create our own reality through our thoughts, words, and actions. We should treat others how we wish to be treated ourselves, with love and respect, no matter how they decide to act or live their life. Finally, we believe in integrity and being completely authentic, working for the highest good of others and God.

Code of Ethics

  • Dawn Ricci and members of staff, and colleagues NEVER will ask too many questions or research clients before readings and/or while during Psychic Forensic investigation reading.

  • Dawn Ricci and members of staff and colleagues shall not publicize, post-interview, or otherwise release any confidential information or pictures without consent from the parties of that hired DAWN RICCI LLC.

  • Be respectful to each other members of staff, and colleagues.

  • Be respectful to the gift of God, and Spirit, and to the roles of medium, psychic, and healer.

  • Be truthful.

  • Offer love, kindness, and hope to all who request guidance and advice.

  • All readings shall remain confidential.

  • Practice, promote, and adhere to strict moral ethics.

  • All do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, religious beliefs, age physical disability and culture.