Life Reading

Grab your favorite beverage and meet me virtually to discuss everything that has to do with your Relationships, Family, Career, Home, and Health. Get a glimpse into upcoming opportunities and some insight filled with wisdom. So, let's get my Spirit Guides to talk to yours, so we can figure out your next best steps to take. I will break out some Oracle cards, and my Crystal Ball, to spice things up in this Psychic Adventure.

Two Hearts Reading

This combination is a hybrid of both Life and Spirit, we split the time and touch upon everything that you need to know right here and now to help you with whatever is on your mind, and a lot of times your loved ones in Spirit can validate exactly what you need to take place. Your family awaits giving you symbols and signs from the Heavens.

Do you want to know everything?

Spirit Reading

Knock, knock, are you there? Hear from the Spirit world what your loved ones have to say. Dawn will provide messages from loved one in Spirit with those loving memories. She’ll ask the questions, and give you the answers, knowing your loved ones are really with you always. Being able to connect with loved ones is a wonderful experience.


Divine Intelligence with Dawn

Is a profound healing and enlightenment for those seeking true transformation with their mind, body, and soul. This modality taps into ancient wisdom and the energies of Divine Light to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Dawn recognizes the burdens many carry from personal and ancestral traumas, hindering us from living fully. Through her unique approach, Dawn facilitates a sacred connection to Source, inviting her personal Divine Light Energies to aid in the healing process.

In a private, comfortable setting, Dawn gently guides clients on a meditative pathway, with love and compassion, allowing their stories to unfold naturally. This journey offers a unique process that aims not only to heal but also to understand and elevate your perspective.

Whether you're facing past traumas, emotional distress, or physical ailments, this holistic approach addresses root causes. It's time to release burdens and embrace your true self.

Let’s Rewrite History

This remarkable profound transformation is awaiting those seeking to break free from repeating patterns and rewrite their life's narrative. This modality, guided by Dawn, specializes in accessing the Akashic Records—the cosmic database holding our lifetimes' records, soul contracts, and life agreements.

If you are feeling trapped in endless cycles, overeating, lacking decision-making, lack of motivation, making the same choices in your relationships, feeling lost, and lack of joy and happiness, Let's Rewrite History offers a unique chance to break free from past limitations. In a private and comfortable setting, coupled with Dawn's expertise in Akashic pathways, you'll gain a higher perspective by mentally altering past narratives of your life and techniques paving a fresh path forward.