Dawn’s Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

Hey! I am so excited to sit with you and to make you feel amazing! But first, we must cover a few things to seal the deal and make this legit. Capisci? (pronounced kah-PEE-shee). Seriously, it is contained to protect us from any unnecessary aggravation.

If you already read my ME page, you’ve learned that I am from Boston and New Jersey. While we will give you the shirt off our backs if you need us, we certainly don’t take any guff from anyone. So, my lawyers said to give it to them straight, in sweet legalese, that you must agree to the following if you want to work with me and anyone within my organization.


  • All readings we provide are just for entertainment.

  • Don’t be late for your session. More on that below, so keep reading, if you are the person who is always late.

  • No guarantees as to the results of any kind of using this service. The client may terminate their session at any time. There is more about this below so keep reading.

  • You must be 18 years old to participate. If you aren’t, then a parent or guardian needs to authorize that it's okay in writing.

  • Trust is everything to Dawn. When you have a session with Dawn, anything and everything discussed is held in the utmost confidence.

  • All sessions are recorded for our files. You may record the session on your own. We will not supply the recording.

  • All payments are FINAL SALE to Dawn Ricci LLC,

    DawnRicci.com & Dawn Ricci Media for a session and to be part of our community. Then it's all Sweet.

  • You agree to Opt-In for alerts, messages, emails, newsletters, and all promo and media. If you want to Opt-Out, you should wait till after your appointment. Don’t miss out on important information.

What the Lawyers say on our General Terms and Conditions:

  • All readings we provide are just for entertainment.

  • Keep it clean. No nasty language.

  • Don’t stir up trouble on our site, social media, group meetings, or in our organization or community. It won't be tolerated.

  • Don’t go blaming us for any situation you may create or someone else may create in our name. You're responsible for your own actions, and any messes you create. You don't go blaming us for anything.

  • You promise to behave, be nice, in anything you do, how you act, in any way in connection to our website, social media, or within Dawn Ricci’s professional and personal community. We're talking about all the nitty-gritty stuff here, you're responsible and liable for it all, even our lawyer fees.

  • Dawn Ricci LLC, Dawn Ricci Media, and all our services are what they are, with no guarantees. We aren’t making any promises to you. It's all on you to decide what information is useful or not.

  • Don't go around promoting our stuff without asking first. We're kind of picky about who we let represent us. Just ask us for permission, send an email, and your answer is in the response email, so wait till we respond.

  • If you want to use any portions of our website content or media, you must get permission in writing from us. Just send us an email to ask, more than likely we would say YES if you gave us a nod to our credit. You must wait till we respond to your request.

  • Spreading lies or messing with our brand is NOT cool! That’s grounds for suing you. And we will. You don’t want to test Dawn on that!

  • Dawn runs a tight ship and doesn’t allow anyone to mess with her, the staff, or the whole organization, because we'll bring the law down on you. Remember Dawn was a private investigator, and that still runs deep in her veins.

  • With regards to Copyrights, everything produced by Dawn Ricci LLC, Dawn Ricci Media, and

    DawnRicci.com, is copyrighted by us, anytime, all the time, that’s even with updates and alternate versions. If there is something you want to use, ask us for permission. Send us an email and we will respond with a decision.

  • We are not responsible if the internet goes down during the session. Make sure all software upgrades and programs are tested and working before you attend a session. That goes for any weather conditions or unforeseen situations that would knock out the internet connections. Again, we will make every effort to reschedule your session once the dust settles. But if we can’t, it's final, we can’t.

All payments are FINAL SALE to Dawn Ricci LLC, DawnRicci.com & Dawn Ricci

Media Online & In-Person Sessions

Don’t be LATE! It’s your time, and you can’t expect Dawn to run over time. We consider you a no show for an ONLINE or IN-PERSON appointment 12 minutes late to your scheduled appointment and forfeit the time.

Cancellations, Refunds & Credits

Alright, listen up! If you need to cancel your appointment, just give us notice at least 5 days beforehand, and we'll give you a refund. Now, if life gets crazy and you’ve got a legitimate issue and cancel last minute, we'll give you credit instead. If you've got a special circumstance going on, send us an email at [email protected] and explain the situation. We'll take a look and get back to you within 10 days, either by email or giving you a call. We are here to make it work out. And give you a fabulous session.

Oh, sorry must add one more thing: if you try to pull a fast one with a chargeback on your credit card, sorry, but we won't be throwing any courtesy credits your way. And we will have no choice but to take immediate action to refute the claim.

Host Private Group Terms and Conditions

Here's the deal for hosting your private group or small event with us: If your location is more than 10 miles away from our office in Wall New Jersey, there might be some extra travel time and fees. We'll chat about it when we figure out the location. The fees for your event will be worked out when we have a sit-down with the HOST. We'll sort out the details together. Now, we must have at least 10 guests locked in for us to attend your event. So, make sure you've got your guests ready to roll! The HOST is the money person here, so they're responsible for collecting payments from the guests. It's got to be all sorted out and paid up 3 days before the big day. We take payment in Venmo, Wise, PayPal, and Cash in US Dollars, are all accepted forms of payment.

Now here is the sticky part: Sorry, but if the HOST decides to pull the plug within 48 hours of the event, or if any guests bail on us, there won't be any refunds. And if you're thinking about rescheduling, that's totally up to Dawn.

That's the scoop! Let's make sure everything's squared away before we get this party started!

Private Reading at Host Location

This is basically the same as our group terms, as above with a few differences so read carefully:

Private readings at your chosen location: If your place is more than 10 miles from our office in Wall NJ, we might have extra travel time and fees. We'll sort out the details once we know where we're heading. The fees for your private readings will be figured out when we chat about it together. We'll put everything down in writing so it's legit. We're looking for at least 6 guests guaranteed, but no more than 8, to lock in your event. So, make sure you've got your crew ready to roll! Each guest will get a private sit-down with Dawn for a 20-minute consultation. It's going to be really personal! When it comes to payment, the HOST is the money person. You'll need to gather up all the funds from your guests and send it over in one payment. We take payment in Venmo, Wise, PayPal, and personal checks, are all accepted. Contact us at [email protected] to make payment. Do not send Cash in the mail.

Now here is the sticky part: Sorry, but if you decide to cancel within 48 hours of the event, you'll still have to pay up. And if any guests bail on us, there won't be any refunds. We'll chat about rescheduling and set up virtual 20-minute private readings instead. And if that doesn’t work out with the guest after 2 re-scheduled dates, unfortunately, we’ll have no responsibility to book the session or refund session money.

In the unlikely case that Dawn Ricci LLC is forced to cancel this event, for any reason, we will refund the HOST the entire amount within 3 days and the HOST is responsible for reimbursement of fees to the guests within 3 days. We will not be held responsible for fee reimbursement to your guests.

Advisory and Consultation Services Disclaimer

Our sessions are all about guidance, but remember, it's up to you to decide what's important and what to do with the info. We aren’t responsible for your actions.

No promises on how things will turn out, so just keep that in mind. Dawn can’t always make the connection that you are expecting, and if that happens, you need to look beyond why that it is and accept who came to see you. Dawn is the conduit. If you're not feeling it, you can terminate the session whenever you want. But know that you will still pay for the time. So, before you get all pissy, just sit and take in the experience. You’ve been called in for a reason.

Here is some of the nitty-gritty stuff we must cover: Our sessions are not meant to be taken as legal, medical, financial, or any other kind of hard facts. It's all up to your own interpretation. Our services aren't a replacement for professional advice. If you need serious help, make sure to talk to a qualified expert.

Healing Services Disclaimer

During healing sessions, again, you must be at least 18 years of age or have a parent or guardian with you. Healing sessions are amazing. We're here to work with you, in self-healing modalities to help you use your own energy in healing. While Dawn has had incredible outcomes with clients, these sessions aren't a guarantee that you'll be magically cured of anything or everything. Just want to make sure we're all on the same page with that. Healing sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment, therapy, or any other services required to have a professional State issued license to practice. We're not going to give you any medical advice or tell you to go get surgery or take medication of any kind.

Our goal is to allow you to determine your own health with mind, body and soul. Again, the body has magnificent capabilities in its energy centers that are attributed to self-healing modalities to help you use your own energy in healing.

Mentorship and Learning Programs

For ease of explanation in our conditions, the following paragraph refers to Mentorship and Learning as the same and works within the same guidelines in this disclaimer.

Dawn as your Mentor is here to give you some hard-core expertise, coach you on techniques, and support, and wants to share her know-how to help you reach your goals, whether they're personal or professional. But, in the end, it’s up to you to hit those goals and make it a real thing for yourself. Dawn is available for you to ask questions and get the guidance you need. But it’s on you, to follow the program and get involved in our sessions. Take the feedback given, try out the suggestions, and keep moving forward. And hey, if things aren’t working out, then either of you can terminate at any time with a quick email. Oh, but just so you understand, if you decide to bail on the mentorship or

learning program, you're still on the hook for any fees that were paid, or that you may still owe. Sorry, no refunds. If you miss a session or a no-show, that’s not cool either. You are committed to working on yourself. And if you terminate the program, that’s on you. No refunds.

Private Session; Online & In-person

Let’s talk about private sessions, whether you're joining us in person or online: Once the session's over and done with, you can't go hitting us with a chargeback. If you’re not happy with the service, you must speak up right then and there. Again, we want you to be happy. But this is the real thing for us and if you decide that it’s not for you, then it’s your responsibility to pay for our time, whether you like the information or not. Just so we're clear, you must be at least 18 to enjoy our services. But hey, if you're younger and you've got the OK from a parent or guardian, shoot us an email at [email protected], and we will review it, and then give you, our decision. When you jump into one of our sessions, it's all in good giving memories and information. We're here to help you and emotionally heal you, not dish out medical or legal advice. So, keep that in mind. And nothing personal, if things start getting out of hand or we're just not vibing, we might call it quits on the session. Sorry, but no refunds if that happens.

Payments Fees and Refunds

Let's talk cash and refunds: Your payments are made in a secured electronic United States government-approved payment method. You can safely send credit card payments through DAWN RICCI LLC, DAWN RICCI MEDIA, DAWNRICCI.COM using electronic platforms such as Stripe and PayPal, and any other approved payment method. Alternate payment methods such as Venmo, Wise, US Dollars, are only accepted for in-person sessions and events. The credit card statement will read DAWN RICCI LLC DBA DAWN RICCI MEDIA. And New Jersey clients, you might see some sales tax tacked on, thanks to the state's rules.

Now, about REFUNDS – once you've bought in, it's a done deal, unless we've chatted about it beforehand and made some special arrangement. And if we did, that has to be in writing/email from Dawn or someone from the company. So, make sure you're all in before you hit that buy button!

Last Words of Wisdom

Alright, if any legal issues come up, we're sticking to the rules of the State of New Jersey. Any disputes will be handled in Monmouth County, either in court or with the help of a mediator from the New Jersey Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators.

So, to sum it all up, we're here to offer you a great experience, memorable insights, and build community. We do our best to keep things running smoothly, and we appreciate you trusting us.

1540 Route 138, Unit 206

Wall, New Jersey 07719

[email protected]

Please allow 48 hours for a response to your email.